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Global Cloud & Innovation Summit 2023

With three exciting days filled with more insights, experts, networking and go-to-market content, it’s never too soon to think about how you will spend your time at the Global Cloud and Innovation Summit.

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Network with forward-thinking industry leaders, connect with like-minded individuals and dare to ask questions about where our digital landscape is headed.

Breakout Sessions

May 16, Tuesday

1:30–2:15 PM

How IBM and AWS Are Driving Joint Innovation for Partners

IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been working together to bring more secure, automated solutions to hybrid cloud environments, enabling a smoother digital transformation of our joint clients’ technology infrastructure. Clients now have the flexibility to choose the mix of technologies to best suit their business needs. The result? Easier, faster cloud transformation, technology deployment and more secure operations, to help drive better business results. In this session participants will learn how Ingram Micro, AWS and IBM are driving joint innovation for Hybrid Cloud and Hyperscaler environments.

1:30–2:15 PM

How Vmware NSX-T Can Help Cloud Partners Deliver Networking as a Service to Customers

Managing multiple Data centers networks can be a complex and challenging task for cloud providers, join us on this webinar to learn more how NSX-T can help you to deliver efficient networking services to your customers, reduce your operational cost and how you can monetize it.

This breakout will focus on how you can leverage VMware solution to help you “Do more with less”, extend your networking service offerings to your customers and go to market strategy.

1:30–2:15 PM

Exploring SIM to Cloud solutions powered by T-Mobile for Business 5G

Join us as we discuss this evolution with executives from Ingram Micro and T-Mobile for Business.

1:30–2:15 PM

Flex Your Cloud Security Posture with Fortinet

Learn how Fortinet’s newest purchasing vehicle, FortiFlex, will help elevate your MSP practice by enabling the ability to upscale or downscale your business on demand. MSPs will benefit from the ability to purchase via traditional CAPEX models or move into an OPEX model driven by demand.

1:30–2:15 PM

Stack the Deck with Microsoft: How Microsoft gives partners the winning hand in the evolving IT channel

Discover the advantages of becoming a Microsoft partner and expanding your business by embracing Azure, Modern Workplace, and Business Applications. This session will cater to both net-new partners, who are less familiar with Microsoft solutions and partner programs, and existing partners looking to expand into new clouds. Learn about the profitability, revenue opportunities, and competitive advantages of partnering with Microsoft across multiple solutions.

2:30–3:15 PM

AWS: The Secret to $25K MRR through MAP and OLA without a Migration Competency

Join AWS as we review how Ingram Micro will support you throughout the various stages of a customer’s cloud journey. From customer acquisition with Ingram’s Cloud Readiness Assessment, to accelerating migration opportunities with Ingram’s MAP Assess Offering, David and Ed will help you understand how to engage both AWS and Ingram to capitalize on these opportunities while leveraging available offerings and incentives to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

2:30–3:15 PM

Best of Both Worlds: Maximizing Cloud and On-Premise Systems that Reach Business Goals

Most customers have a need for both cloud and on-premise systems—are you ready to deliver? In this session, discover how to effectively leverage both systems and provide your clients with tailored solutions that perfectly fit their business processes.

2:30–3:15 PM

The Xvantage Difference: Explore the Shift from Cloud Marketplace to Our Newest Digital Platform

Today’s landscape is constantly evolving—and so are we. Join us for live demos and discover how the most popular features and capabilities from Cloud Marketplace have seamlessly transitioned to our newest platform, Xvantage.

2:30–3:15 PM

Accelerate your expansion: Automate your subscription business

The various processes involved in onboarding and managing vendor contracts, listing solutions in your catalog or marketplace and fulfilling them were relatively simple in the traditional world. Now, with huge variants of subscription models and layer on the complexity of the multichannel operations teams at any business can quickly become swamped. We have invited two of our top customers to tell you about their experience and pass on some best practices.

2:30–3:15 PM

3 Key Things Most Companies Miss When Driving an Effective Security Strategy

Siloed security approaches are insufficient when it comes to safeguarding businesses against various security risks. In this session, uncover how a multi-disciplinary security approach can help you effectively manage risks and enhance your resilience.

3:30–4:15 PM

How to Future-Proof Your Business with Strategic Integrations

Seamless integration has a nice ring to it—and in this session, we are talking about simplifying all processes. Discover how you can streamline operations and stay ahead of changing tools and technologies with upcoming innovative integrations.

3:30–4:15 PM

Leading Innovation with Ingram Micro’s Growth Solutions

Innovation is critical for growth—and as the speed of business cycles increase, current models may not withstand the rapid changes. Enter Growth Solutions. Join us as we uncover the fastest-growing categories: Modern Cloud Platforms and Cybersecurity.

3:30–4:15 PM

Stand out from the crowd: Differentiate with XaaS bundles

Tailor what you offer each customer and build a path to sustainable growth. Your customers want solutions not products. Your goal is to design XaaS bundles of software products and services that solve their challenges, so they have their solution from one single vendor and the flexibility of a monthly subscription fee. Easy. How do you deal with the back-end complexity of this model? Find out from our guests from Bechtle and Teccle who will share their best practice and learnings for automating their XaaS business.

3:30–4:15 PM

Mastering the Marketing Game: Insider Tips for Channel, SaaS and Business Growth 

In the ever-evolving tech industry, organizations need to focus their aim on the highest point imaginable—that includes marketing. Join Ingram Micro’s top marketing minds and learn how you can leverage effective strategies that boost business growth.

May 17, Wednesday

1:30–2:15 PM

Add value to your business by partnering with Ingram Micro’s emerging vendors

Come see emerging vendors pitch partners on why their technologies are going to be successful in the market and the value they bring to a partner’s business. Hear from some of the most exciting vendors in the industry today including UiPath, Zinfi, GoTo, PartnerStack, and Foxit.

1:30–2:15 PM

Building Economic Resilience: How Customer Success KPIs Can Drive Success for Your Business

In uneasy times, creating resiliency in your business is imperative to longevity. But where do you start? We’re looking at some of our most successful partners and the customer success metrics that have helped them take strong positions in the market.

1:30–2:15 PM

Easy, Effortless and Effective: Platform Integrations that Scale Your Business

Did you know you can easily automate data exchange between Xvantage and your local systems? Learn how you can improve visibility into your business operations from intuitive, ready-to-use native integrations to flexible, do-it-yourself integrations.

1:30–2:15 PM

Modern Mindset: Best Practices in Sales and Marketing for Today’s Modern Security MSP

Let’s face it—selling high-margin, high-value managed security isn’t easy. Join us for a dynamic session filled with expert tips on how to build a lead engine for cloud and security managed services that bolsters qualified leads for 2023 and beyond.

1:30–2:15 PM

Playing to Win: Key growth opportunities for existing Microsoft partners

Enhance your existing Microsoft partnership by focusing on high-growth areas, including security solutions, key infrastructure opportunities with Azure, and the biggest opportunities in the fast-moving business applications space. In this session, learn about key growth areas and seize new opportunities to expand your customer base and revenue.

1:30–2:15 PM

Automating your IaaS business to drive ARPU and customer retention.

Does the launching of your company marketplace seem like an insurmountable challenge? Where do you start and what does the journey look like? This is a chance to hear from one of the top-tier players across our ecosystem. Together with CloudBlue’s CTO, Bell Canada will give you advice and answer your questions about how CloudBlue technology took the complexity out of their transition to XaaS.

2:30–3:15 PM

AWS Marketplace: Transforming how software solutions are procured.

The importance of digital transformation roadmaps is accelerating, and as a result so is customer momentum for cloud migration. Organizations are going through a digital procurement modernization, while balancing the need for security, governance, and speed. Customers who purchase in AWS Marketplace benefit from features that make procurement fast and cost effective, enabling them to migrate and modernize faster with less effort. AWS Marketplace and Ingram Micro have solutions to help channel partners, ISVs, and AWS customers throughout each step in their transformation journey.

2:30–3:15 PM

Securing Your Hybrid Cloud with F5 and Red Hat

In today’s Hybrid/Public cloud environment. Users are more vulnerable than ever to data breaches. Red Hat’s Open Source Hybrid Cloud and Automation portfolio coupled with the F5/NGINX security and networking solutions helps customers maximize application availability while minimizing their security risks. In this session participants will learn about Red Hat as a company, some of our most exciting in production solutions and how we work with our key partners like F5/NGINX.

2:30–3:15 PM

Why Partners are Accelerating with Google Cloud Now More Than Ever

Google Cloud is the industry’s most trusted cloud for accelerating your digital transformation. Join Eric Buck, Director of Global Distribution, Jess Simon, Head of Mandiant Alliances, and our Ingram Micro team to learn about Google Cloud’s secure-by-design platform and SaaS security solutions that bring our Google security magic to your on-prem, private, or multi-cloud environments.

2:30–3:15 PM

Adobe x Microsoft: Document workflows to grow and energize your business

Adobe and Microsoft have partnered to make the modern, secure, connected hybrid workplace a reality. Organizations around the world are empowering their employees to work more effectively now that Adobe Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Sign are fully integrated into Microsoft 365 Apps.

The opportunity is immense! Over 400 Billion+ PDF’s were opened in Adobe products last year; 40% of all documents shared in Outlook are PDF’s; and Acrobat Sign has the most e-signature integrations across Microsoft Apps. Join us and learn how to maximize this opportunity with your customers!

2:30–3:15 PM

HPE GreenLake the Channel Centric Hybrid Cloud- Opening New Opportunities

Love the cloud experience? Looking for hybrid cloud that is right for you? Need flexibility and the right level of security? Open up opportunities across your edges, colos, and data centers with HPE GreenLake, the open and secure edge-to-cloud platform you’ve always wanted.

2:30–3:15 PM

Acronis: Pricing, Packaging and Margins: How MSPs can solve for profit

The path to profitability is difficult for MSPs, and it continues to get more complex. Don’t miss the chance to learn the secrets of maximizing profits from Pat Hurley, Acronis VP & GM Sales Americas. During this workshop, Pat will provide actionable ways to stay on top of changing client demands and maximize profits by reducing the overall complexity of your clients’ deployments and optimizing your pricing strategy.

3:30–4:15 PM

The Customer Success Playbook: Winning Strategies that Drive Customer Retention and Success

Playbooks serve as the foundation for a winning strategy, but how do you get a plan in motion? Whether your focus is on services or recurring revenue, this session will provide valuable insights on how to identify key milestones in the customer journey.

3:30–4:15 PM

The Next Generation

You’re in the business of solving problems and being a trusted strategic advisor, not just selling products—and we are here to help make your life a bit easier. Discover how Xvantage is designed to empower your business toward a future-proof tomorrow.

3:30–4:15 PM

Syndication: The simple way to build a cloud marketplace

Populating a solutions catalog can be time-consuming, and the negotiation time and scale required to onboard new solutions can be heavy going, slow and resource intensive. Many CloudBlue customers have found that syndication is the simplest, quickest way for them to access hundreds of top B2B solutions and expand their catalogs quickly, cutting down potential costs, in some case millions of dollars, and saving precious months in GTM time. Hear from Dustin and find out how easy it can be.

3:30–4:15 PM

The Art of Digital Marketing: How to Strategically Expand Your Channel Audience

Now more than ever, marketing technology and strategy continues to advance to meet changing customer demands. Join Ingram Micro’s marketing experts and gain cutting-edge tactics that help boost your channel, SaaS and cloud enterprise growth.

Trust X Alliance and LATAM communities will also have invite-only sessions tailored to their business goals and objectives.