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Global Cloud and Innovation Summit '23

General Session

May 16 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Kick off this year’s Global Cloud and Innovation Summit by exploring several themes that focus on business success and growth, starting with an energetic performance that brings together global beats from around the world. We are sharing what it takes to disrupt and deliver—moving your business away from transactions to encourage more interactions with your customers. Additionally, we will explore the importance of instilling the right mindsets in organizations to achieve sustained and widespread excellence.<br><br>


Mainstage Sneak Peek<br>

Ingram Micro’s executives Paul Bay, Sanjib Sahoo and Jennifer Anaya will discuss the power of digital transformation, and how Ingram Micro can help move all businesses from transacting technology to interacting with the customers we serve. Industry leaders and global luminaries Julia Chen (AWS), Nicole Dezen (Microsoft), Carrie Palin (Cisco), Robert Sutton (Professor and Author) and Ray Wang (Constellation Research Inc.) are taking a further look into powerful partnerships and the path to business growth—this includes a discussion around creating social and economic value, the importance of powerful partnerships and how you can get more out of your business without settling for less.